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Explore Louisville’s New Botanical Wonder!
Waterfront Botanical Gardens is transforming the former Ohio Street Dump atop a historic Point Neighborhood at the intersection of River Road and Frankfort Avenue. This 23-acre site currently boasts substantial completion of four acres of Phase I development. Surrounding the Education Center and Botanical Classrooms are the Mary Lee Duthie Garden, Helen Harrigan Garden, Beargrass Creek Pathway and three major water features. Learn more about us at our full website.
Our Garden Explorer gives you access to our entire living plant collections database as well as listing of outdoor features. It is accessible from most computers, smartphones and tablets anywhere around the world with internet connectivity.
If you wish to see specific plants in the Gardens but don’t know where to find them, you may use the Search function by using the scientific or common name or by plant family. Plants will be displayed with their placement in the Gardens as well as additional information. If you would like to see a planting list within a specific garden area, you may also search by Location (this is difficult unless you already know the names of specific curated garden beds).
The Names function displays lists of existing plants according to the first letter of the botanical genus name.
Use the Map function to zoom in on a specific location in the Gardens to obtain a list of all the plants growing in that area. Use the maps while out in the Gardens, from your own home, or out at your local garden center to remember the name of that special plant you would like for your own landscape. This function is best done on a large screen lap- or desktop computer.
In the Features function, select the non-living bench, column, engraved brick, water feature, sculpture piece or sponsored tree as well as any part of a donor or artist name to locate features on the property. Then run a search. Click on the map symbols for more detailed info.
The Reset button allows you to clear your screen and to start afresh.

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